Working from Home: See What She’s Hiddenly Doing

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She sits at her desk, clad in a tight pencil skirt and an elegant blouse, her normally neat hair now wild and tousled, her makeup smeared. With a seductive smile, she recognizes the head of operations joining her on video call. Her eyes are fixed on her screen as she types speedily. As he scrolls through the document on his screen, he happens to catch a glimpse of her parted legs. His attention shifts to her smooth, tanned legs, the promises of pleasure tucked safely under her desk. He wonders what she’s been doing behind closed doors, and his eyes start to wander. Before he knows it, he’s mesmerized by the sight of her rubbing her pussy with one hand while typing with the other. Unbuckling his belt, he slides his throbbing cock from his boxers in one swift motion, letting out a moan as her nimble fingers massage her clit. The sight of her fingering herself continuously on the webcam sends him over the edge. He throws his head back and cum floods out of his cock, almost hitting the screen. Breathing heavily, she closes the laptop and hurries to the restroom to clean up. Her perfect, white teeth give way to a naughty smile as she hastily washes her hands. She saunters back to the desk, suddenly realizing how her sexy, white blouse is soaked in cum – another day at the office, she thinks, laughing wickedly to herself.