I Crave Giant Penises.

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She lay on the bed, legs spread wide, cheeks flushed from arousal. The enormous penis loomed over her, demanding attention. Gently, it pushed into her, the entrance stretched thin with lubricant. Her eyes rolled back, head moving from side to side, the pleasure searing through her entire body as the man began thrusting. Each stroke brought her closer to climax, her moans growing louder and more urgent. She embraced the monster inside her, waving it like a trophy before begging for more. With the gargantuan size greasing her insides, she rode the crest of fulfillment, screaming in a mixture of passion and pain. The thick shaft expanded and retracted inside her, filling her every inch and leaving her panting. The orgasm cracked through her body, shattering any reserves she had left. Her mouth fell open, eyes rolling back as she clutched at the sheets. She closed her eyes and trembled, feeling the final throes of pleasure subside, leaving her impaled and gasping for air.