His Knowledge Unleashed on That Ass

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In the corner of the room, bound to a wooden chair, her ass on display, awaits a man known for his insatiable appetite for pain. He circles her, licking his lips with anticipation. His large hands search for the wallet containing the keys to her restraints. With a smirk, he unbuckles the belt adorning his waist and lets it fall to the floor. Slowly, his fingers trace the edges of her exposed flesh, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake. The leather whips through the air, peppering her with sting after sting. Her moans become louder and more desperate as the first drops of blood trickle down the slope of her ass. The leather whip is exchanged for a long metal rod, each crack against the tense skin amplified by her anticipation. Seizing the opportunity, she urges him on with her cries. Conceding to her demands, he lifts her from the chair and places her on her knees, pushing her head toward his heavy cock. Her mouth barely fits around its girth. Her hands grasp the steel balls behind her, begging for mercy from the searing pain. He holds her face in his hands, and with a hearty snarl, slams her back down violently. Repeat this process until her eyes become a blur and the pain is all she knows.