Awakening Her For An Erotic Encounter

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Her eyes flutter open as she emerges from a deep sleep. The scantily clad woman is soft and supple, her long locks cascading down her back, framing her pristine face. It’s clear she’s been dreaming, but not any longer. Aroused by an unseen enticement, her breaths grow deeper and her body is drawn upwards. Slowly, sensually, she arches her back, exposing her breasts. Her anticipation is exponentially increasing as she slides a hand between her legs. She moans softly. Rhythmic and passionate, her fingers graze her entrance, searching for moisture and heat. Finding both. Once she locates what she wants, she begins to move, slowly building a desire within herself. In a steady pace, she caresses herself, moving ever faster. She grabs tightly, her head rolling back, as a powerful orgasm overtakes her. Her body is awash with pleasure, she’s drowning in it, lost in the waves of her ecstasy. She’s been prepared, her awakening is complete. She’s ready, eager, for an erotic encounter.