Rapid Rear Entry While Playing Video Games: My Best Friend Fills My Tight Ass

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In the dimly lit room, the best friends gather around a massive screen. One friend, eyes glued to the game, suddenly hears the thump of screenshot buttons being pressed. It’s a familiar sound as the other friend turns off the PS4. As the game fades into oblivion, the friend pushes his chair back, exposing a tight ass floating just a few inches away. The friend swivels around and spreads his legs apart, revealing his greased and hole. A new kind of game begins now, as his best friend grabs his trusty Nintendo controller and tentatively enters, straddling his buddy. He thrusts deep into the tight ass. Back and forth, back and forth, he penetrates screeching in his excitement. The gasps of pleasure and stench of man sweat fill the room. The couch cushion crunches under their weight. The friend bucks back against his lover, trying to force his controller deeper and deeper into the ass. His cock pulses in anticipation as it works its way deeper into the exposed passageway. He loves the feeling of possession; his controller filling up the tight ass of his friend, as they just play video games. Grunting from both Machines the speed soon picks up pace as they both begin to climax. He spills his essence into the tight hole, finishing just as his friend lets out a loud moan. They take deep breaths, cheeks drawing tightly into their faces. The room goes silent except for the sound of both Man panting into their friend’s ear. They swap positions one again, and the process repeats, each time going faster, harder and deeper. Back and again, and again.