Desperate Latina Rookie Vanessa’s Agency Debut: Throated and Banged

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Vanessa, a desperate Latina rookie, takes center stage in her agency debut. With long, dark hair and mesmerizing green eyes, she wears a sexy lingerie set that showcases her curvy figure. Her heels click on the hardwood floor as she walks toward the two strangers waiting for her. The first man grabs her by the hair and pulls her head back, kissing her forcefully. He takes her throat in his hand and pushes her head down until she gags. Vanessa struggles, but her moans of pain turn to sighs of pleasure. The other man, already hard, undoes his pants and thrusts his large cock into her mouth. He fucks her enthusiastically, pumping her throat as the first man pinches her nipples and slaps her ass. Vanessa can only gargle and choke on his massive cock as she frustratingly tries to deepthroat him. The men then swap positions, with the first man immediately slapping Vanessa’s ass as he slides into her pussy from behind. The second man grabs her head and pulls her back, fucking her mouth while he watches his companion pound her tight pussy. Unsatisfied, the first man pulls out abruptly and pounds her ass with his large cock. Vanessa’s ass quickly turns red from his aggressive slaps, but she remains devoted to pleasing her patrons. The men continue to face-fuck her alternately, until they cum in her mouth and asshole. Vanessa slumps to the floor, completely exhausted but satisfied at completing her agency debut.