Sultry Mamie Shakes Her Giant Pear

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Sultry Mamie, seductively shakes her giant pear, enticing two muscular hunks to devour her luscious flesh. Their eyes gobble up her luscious curves while she arches her back, her giant pear – taunting them with its luscious richness. They devour her curves, taking bites out of her succulent meat. Their mouths slurping loudly, as Mamie moans with pleasure, urging them to devour more of her luscious pear. Mamie’s melons spill across their chests, while they feed on her flesh, gripping her hips, and grinding against her. She rocks her hips, slowly gyrating against them, while they suck, and dive deeper into her fleshy orbs. The boys grab her hair, penetrating her giant pear with their tongues, as she gushes, saturating their faces with her sweet juices. Mamie’s moans grow louder and deeper, echoing through the room, as she feels their tongues run across her nipples. She rises and rides them, her giant pear swinging side to side, causing their mouths to collapse in ecstasy from the depths of her pear. Their hands slide under her, reaching back towards her pussy, licking her clit as she bruxes her spine, scraping against their bodies. Their hands continue to tidy her up, pushing her towards her orgasm, which she achieves, sinking to the ground, her giant pear covered in cum.