Chore-Skipping Girl Gets Rewarded with Luxurious Pleasure

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The Chore-Skipping Girl cheekily avoids her daily tasks, aiming to bask in luxurious pleasure. Her lustful roommate catches her and threatens to reveal her secret if she doesn’t fulfill her duties. Lured by the carrot of a midnight tryst with her lustful roommate, the Chore-Skipping Girl begs forgiveness and hastily cleans the house. With all tasks complete, the roommates finally express their deepest desires and surrender to their passion. Their luscious bodies bend to each other’s every command, their entwined limbs create a web of lust and indulgence. Their desires are built upon hours of unspoken longing, slaking their thirst for carnal desires. They ravish each other wildly until their gasping breaths finally still, their bodies overflowing with blissful satisfaction.